Why is it important to maintain and monitor a server?

Servers are critical in all areas of IT and must be maintained regularly to ensure it is operating at its peak performance. There are various ways to fix your server; here are some of the most common.

Servers are at the heart of IT infrastructure in any business, ensuring all-important (and crucially remote) access, security, storage, and more. In modern BYOD landscapes, accessing server information from any location is crucial for ensuring smooth processes for teams and clients alike.

Unfortunately, much like the heart in the human body, so much rests on servers that it can be felt company-wide if one thing goes wrong. In life, we avoid such issues by visiting a doctor for regular checks, preferably before an issue makes itself known. In the same way, companies need to work at keeping their servers healthy at all times. 

Maintenance and monitoring are the best ways to do this and should be a business prerequisite from day one. Here, we’re going to look at why exactly these focuses matter so much and what they can do for your operations overall. 

What is a server?

To put it simply, servers are supercomputers that, quite literally, serve your entire enterprise, ensuring the smooth flowing storage and security of your data. Of course, the servers’ parts aren’t all different from a standard computer setup (motherboard, processing chip, memory, etc.), but servers take all of these standard processes up a gear or two.

Using these so-called superpowers, business servers become access points for a network, ensuring employees across an enterprise can access one-source files, data, and more from wherever they’re working, all with the reassurance of secure network connections. 

Most commonly, servers operate in stacks, working together to provide a whole multitude of network-specific capabilities (file, mail, web, application, etc.) and, ultimately, keeping entire enterprises afloat. 

What is server maintenance?

So, you’re starting to see why server maintenance should feature highly on your list of priorities. The question is, what exactly does server maintenance look like? 

In reality, getting a grasp on this is as simple as considering a standard boiler service, which goes straight to the heart of your heating system to ensure the health of its parts. But, while your boiler can function with just one service each year, your server is a much higher functioning system, with a whole lot more riding on it. After all, setbacks here could cause downtime, data breaches, and other costly, or even deadly, setbacks. 

So, server maintenance is typically an intensive process that focuses on the 24/7 monitoring and analysis of your server overall. This is the only way to foresee and address issues in real-time, removing potential gaps for disaster and keeping your enterprise as healthy as can be, at least from an IT standpoint. Preemptive maintenance can help save costs, reduce risks, and generally serve your servers best.

But, all of this sounds like hard work, and in-house teams certainly struggle to cope with the onslaught and sheer time requirements of this task. Enter our team here at The Tech Lounge, who can take the pain out of server maintenance with a range of contracted maintenance services, each of which focuses on prevention over the cure to keep your servers ticking over nicely. 

What are the benefits of server maintenance?

While the importance of server maintenance and monitoring are plain to see, there’s no better proof that this matters than considering the benefits of doubling down on this focus. Bear in mind that your competitors are probably already accessing many of these plus points, so staying ahead largely means giving your servers a little more pampering. But, you don’t need to take our word for it, because as soon as you prioritise this focus, you’ll start to notice benefits such as –

  • Improved visibility and control

You can’t monitor the health of your network if you don’t have complete visibility, or control, of its parts. This can lead to escalating issues that you never recognise, generally unwieldy processes, and a headache you really don’t need. But, remember – everything in your network starts and ends with your servers. So, getting to grips with your servers and everything happening within them can drastically improve the overall visibility and control you need to improve the board. 

  • Optimisation at the moment

Optimisation is always key in business, especially with something fundamental to your overall processes as a server. You certainly don’t want to wait until issues are already rearing their ugly heads before you make improvements here. Instead, monitoring and maintenance ensure that you’re forever optimising server processes at the moment, staying one step ahead of your competition and any potential issues. 


  • Compliance at all times

Compliance, specifically regarding data storage, has risen steeply up the business ranks these past years, leaving companies wide open for lawsuits, reputational damage, and worse, if they don’t pay attention. Given that your data storage starts and ends with your server, a focus on compliance is especially crucial here. With rules and new regulations changing at a faster pace than ever, continually monitoring and maintaining processes with compliance in mind is the only possible way to stay on the right side of the law and your clients. 

  • Performance boosts

Too often, we assume that monitoring is in place to look at processes as they stand. And, in large part, it quite obviously is. But, maintaining and monitoring your servers also puts you in the lead for performance boosts that you would never have access to otherwise. Specifically, the ability to benchmark your existing server processes makes it easier than ever to set and track goals for improvements that keep you soaring into the future. 

Not to put too fine a point on it, but everything we’ve discussed here points to one thing. Maintaining and monitoring your servers is the only way to keep your business healthy and, more importantly, competing. Luckily, these efforts needn’t even add to your workloads when you bring The Tech Lounge onboard. So, what are you waiting for? Contact a team member at 01256 636214 to see what we can do for your servers and you. 

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