What is an RMM system?

Remote monitoring and management (RMM), is a type of software designed to help managed IT service providers (MSPs) like The Tech Lounge remotely and proactively monitor client endpoints, networks and computers.


At The Tech Lounge, we deploy a small piece of software often called an “agent” which is installed on client workstations, servers, mobile devices, and other endpoints. These agents then feed information about device health and status back to The Tech Lounge. This gives The Tech Lounge insight into client networks, provides the ability to keep machines maintained and up-to-date, and proactively stay ahead of issues and resolve them remotely – without the need to attend site.

When one of these agents detects a problem on the machine it’s monitoring, an alert (or “ticket”) is created and sent to The Tech Lounge’s ticketing system, prompting us to take whatever action is needed to resolve the problem. These tickets are often classified based on severity, problem type, etc., helping us prioritise and identify critical vs. non-critical issues. In best-case scenarios, The Tech Lounge are able to identify and solve issues before the client even realises there’s a problem.

RMM technology gives The Tech Lounge the ability to manage more clients than traditional break/fix IT providers, and to do so more efficiently. Through our RMM system, The Tech Lounge can remotely install software and updates, administer patches, and more – and this can all be done from a single, unified dashboard. Technicians can administer tasks simultaneously to many computers at once, and no longer have to travel from office to office to handle routine maintenance.


  • Gather information about client software, hardware and networks
  • Supply The Tech Lounge with activity reports and data
  • Create appropriate alerts and tickets when problems arise
  • Track network and device health
  • Monitor multiple endpoints and clients simultaneously
  • Automate scheduled maintenance tasks

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