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What is Network Attached Storage (NAS)

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Businesses today are receiving, creating and storing more data than ever before, and access to and the security of that data is vital for the well being of the company.


As the amount of data grows, so does the amount of storage required to house it. Small businesses find themselves faced with several issues, such as:


  • Lower Cost Storage Options
  • Ease of Operation
  • Ease of Backup
  • Growth Capacity


Network Attached Storage (NAS) devices are devices connected to a computer network that allows storage and retrieval of data from a central location. NAS devices are flexible and scale well, meaning as and when you need additional storage, you can add what you need. It’s like having a private cloud in your office. It’s faster, less expensive and gives you complete control.


Network Attached Storage (NAS) systems are a perfect fit for SME’s


  • They are simple to operate
  • Lower cost
  • Easy to backup
  • Resilient
  • Client Operating System agnostic


Network-attached storage removes the responsibility of file serving from other servers on the network. Reducing the overhead on servers hosting traditional file shares and providing faster data transfer and access.


The best way a business can ensure that their systems and networks reflect their needs is to work with an IT partner like us. Our managed services can help ensure that you set up proper security measures in place and that they are appropriately handled. Peace of mind means your focus can be doing what you do best – growing your business. Contact us today to learn more.

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