What does your computer say about your business?

Arriving in this years new Mercedes and smartly dressed, they report to the reception.

Hi, I’m Roger from Acme Inc. I have a 10 am with Jonathan.

Once signed in, they take a seat and wait for Jonathan to arrive and show them to the meeting room. Then, pleasantries exchanged; it’s down to business.

Then it appears. The 8-year-old, battered, bruised laptop makes its first appearance from the smart leather bag.

We’ll just let my laptop boot up, and then I can take you through this year’s fantastic product line. Oh, is there a power socket I can use? Erm – weathers not great, is it…”

It doesn’t inspire confidence. How right are these products if the salespersons’ keyboard is missing keys and you can’t make out 20% of the characters? 

Are you making the same mistake as an organisation? Is old equipment or computers making your business look bad?

We know it’s not cheap to keep up with the latest technology developments, but how much business are you losing because of outdated technology.

The problem extends to your offices. If staff are asking the customer to hold while the computer whirls, the impression can be devastating.

Not everything needs to be brand new. For example, take a look at our recent post, “How often should you replace your business computers?” You should, however, plan and budget for technology refreshes.

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