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What is a VPN

What is a VPN? Why might you need one? All this is explained, keeping safe from cybersecurity threats, identity theft and a lot more. Learn more.


Alvant – Case Study

Alvant is a knowledge centre for metallic advanced materials. Read the Alvant Case Study and see how The Tech Lounge supports its efforts.

Getting to grips with email

Suffering Email overload, need to get to grips with email and tame your inbox. We know it's not easy, but here's how you can do it. Learn more.


Basingstoke Skip Hire – Case Study

Basingstoke Skip Hire started in 1982 based in Oakley providing local skip hire. See how The Tech Lounge supports its efforts.

End of Windows 7 Support

As of January 14th, 2020, Microsoft has announced the end of support for the Microsoft Windows 7 Operating System. Give us a call to know more

What is an RMM system?

RMM is a type of software designed to help managed IT service providers like us remotely and proactively monitor client systems.

What is Windows Update?

Windows Update is a Microsoft service that provides security updates and patches for the Microsoft Operating Systems and other products.


Do Mac’s get Viruses?

Yes, Apple Macintosh - Mac's computers can and do get Viruses. In fact it’s possible for them to be infected by all sorts of nasties.

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