How to reclaim your disk space with Disk Cleanup

Free up space and improve your PC’s performance.

While computer hard drives are getting bigger, so is the amount of data we want to store. 

Computers store any data that they really don’t need long term, copies of web pages and log files, for example. These all take up disk space. We need to delete these to use the space, but how do we know what is safe to delete and what’s not.

Microsoft provides a not so well known tool in Windows specifically designed for this job called “Disk Cleanup“.

Launching Disk Cleanup

Disk Cleanup is fairly well hidden but can be launched by searching for “Disk Cleanup” in the Windows search dialogue box or navigating to All Programs > Accessories > System Tools.


Once open, you will be given a list of items it’s safe to delete. Enter a tick in the corresponding box to select the item, or remove the tick to unselect it.
Once you’re happy with your selection, simply click the OK button and Disk Cleanup with removing the unnecessary files for you, freeing up disk space. 

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