How Secure is Email?

What did we do before email? It’s probably safe to assume that some readers of this blog have never known life without email. 

Many businesses rely on email for communication, both internally and externally. However, it’s not necessarily the best method for sharing valuable information or sensitive documents.

Although email security has improved over time, it is far from being a secure means of transmitting information.

For example, it’s a common misconception that email goes directly from the sender to the recipient. Instead, an email has to travel across multiple networks and servers before arriving in the desired inbox.

This travelling, or relaying, exposes an email to attack—for example, an unsecured network, vulnerable server or people with the required savvy to hack them. Because email messages aren’t encrypted, anybody with access to these systems can easily read those emails, as well as any attachments.

Also, once an email is sent, the sender loses control over what can be done with the information contained within.

Email is easily forwarded, saved and printed. Plus, with the increase in mobile devices, the likelihood of unwelcomed exposure increases.

Although email is a useful and necessary means of communicating, there are too many ways the information contained can be discovered and exploited. It is, therefore, imperative that businesses assess their file and document sharing practices and consider investing in a service that delivers the required level of security.

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