OVH Fire Strasburg Site – Disaster Recover Time.

On Wednesday, 10th March 2021, we received a notification from OVH notifying us of a fire at the OVH Strasburg Site – Disaster Recovery Time or just a blip?

The Tech Lounge Impact

The billing part of our Web & Email hosting platform was located at this site and was rendered unavailable as a result. We initially failed over to one of our redundant servers located in the UK.

On Friday, March 12th 2021, OVH, Europe’s largest cloud service provider, told clients, including the French government, to activate their disaster recovery plans. Which is exactly what we at The Tech Lounge did.

New services were provisioned on Saturday, and by 09:30 this morning, I’m pleased to say we could restore all services.

Don’t forget those who battled the fire.

The fire, according to Reuters, destroyed one of four data centres and damaged another. Some 100 firemen fought the OVH fire. Video images showed firefighters battling on into the early hours of the morning as they cooled down the site.

OVH has apologised to customers – but says it can’t reveal the cause of the fire until 2022, citing ongoing inquiries by the French government and insurance companies.

Octave Klaba, whose family still owns 80% of the business,  promised the company has a “strategic plan for the next five years” which would give customers free backups and resilient infrastructure.

However, it goes to show that no matter how large the company you are using to host and/or store your data, due diligence is still required.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery plans need to be tested regularly to ensure they still fit the needs of the business.

Service disruption can’t always be avoided, but how you cope with it and recover from it is key.

If you need help with Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery planning, The Tech Lounge is ready and willing to assist. Give one of our team a call on 01256 636214 or drop us a line at

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