Coronavirus: Company Status Update

We know many businesses are struggling at the moment, and there is still a large amount of uncertainty as to what exactly is going to happen over the coming months in light of the Coronavirus Pandemic. Nevertheless, we wanted to take a moment to let you know what is happening at The Tech Lounge and our plans for the future, as we know a great many of you depend on the services we offer.

The Tech Lounge continues to run, albeit in line with UK government advice. The Tech Lounge staff are working from home, and our offices have been closed since the UK government announced the “Lockdown” on 23rd March 2020. 

We have continued to support customers remotely using our secure Remote Management and Monitoring (RMM) platform, and we have continued to monitor and patch client systems remotely. We are still able to visit sites when deemed business-critical using PPE supplied by ourselves and following the appropriate social distancing guidelines. However, we have had to suspend non-business-critical project work.

We are hoping to reopen the offices in early July but will of course only do so if the UK government advice allows.

We do have some catching up to do, in terms of project work, on our return but if you would like to discuss any of your requirements in advance why not book a quick chat which we can do via a 15-minute Zoom meeting.

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