Constantly Getting Signed Out Of Skype?

We received several calls last week from clients using Microsoft’s Skype service who were all experiencing the same curious issue. When they signed in, they were immediately signed straight back out again.

A quick Google search indicated they were not alone, but it seems to have been a problem that has arisen from time to time over the years with no specific resolution.

We immediately set about trying to reproduce the issue in-house on one of our test machines, and hey presto. As soon as I signed in, I was signed straight back out again.

Now I have been using Skype for years, and this didn’t please me at all. After all, just like our clients, I use Skype extensively to keep in touch with friends and family, not to mention business associates and customers.

Now I normally sign in using my “Skype” account, but something told me this was a service issue and had nothing to do with the software, so I tried signing in with my Microsoft account. Boom! It worked without a second thought.

So has Microsoft taken a dislike to us old-timers who use our original Skype accounts, or was this a temporary glitch? If you know, drop us a line or tweet us @TheTechLounge. We would love to hear from you.

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