Celebrating 10 years

On January 1st 2022, The Tech Lounge was officially 10-years old! 

Wow, time sure does fly. If it hadn't been for LinkedIn, we would probably have missed it.

In April 2011, when I first decided I wanted to go it alone, I could only imagine where it would lead. I had a computer, a phone and a desk in the spare bedroom, turned office.


That first year was terrifying. Sure, I'd worked in IT for years, but I had never been responsible for actually bringing in the business. There were highs and lows almost daily. I must have said I'm giving up at least weekly. Luckily, I didn't!

After that first year, we moved into our first proper office. Two years after that we moved again, to the much larger offices we are still based in today.


IMG_1206Sure it hasn't been all plain sailing. I mean, who could predict a global pandemic. 

I wouldn't change any of it, however. It's been a pleasure working with all our great customers. Providing a level of service I'm proud of.

Here's to the next 10-years!


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