Are your IT Systems Ready?

With the government easing COVID19 lockdown restrictions, many businesses have already reopened or are in the process of reopening their offices.

While many employees have been happily working from home, many IT systems haven’t gotten the love they otherwise would have. Computers may have been sitting turned off, printers longing for that day they can print your urgent PowerPoint presentations again, and network devices yearning to move your data around the network.

Will they power on? Will they demand their updates and sit there stubbornly until every device driver has been updated. Of course, we jest, but you and I know it will happen.

Have you considered what impact some of the new ways you may be working on the current infrastructure? For example, are remote workers working over a VPN affecting the network performance in the office? Is your Internet bandwidth enough? Has data been synchronized back to the server, or is it still sitting on employees local devices? Have the backups been running? What has and hasn’t been backed up?

This shouldn’t be an issue with effective IT Support, but what if you don’t have an IT Support & Maintenance agreement with a company like The Tech Lounge? Don’t panic!

We are offering, for a limited time, a limited number of FREE site surveys.

We will attend your offices (wearing masks and gloves and having taken a COVID19 test the night before) and review the following areas;

  • Environment
  • Hardware
  • Software
  • Network
  • Performance
  • Backup
  • Security
  • Support

We will provide you with a full written report together with recommendations and budgetary estimates for resolving any potential issues.

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