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Work – Life Balance: Why Hampshire Works for Business

Geoff Roy - Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Spanning across 1400 square miles of the south of England, Hampshire is the 3rd largest ‘shire’ county in the UK and, historically, a region that’s attracted a wide and diverse range of business and industries. So what is it about the county that makes it an attractive location for businesses and workers alike?

Well, one of the key factors could well be attributed to a justified perception that it can offer people a positive work – life balance.

Diverse Locations

Stretching up from the South Coast into the heart of rural England Hampshire can boast a real variety of locations al within a short hop from each other, affording those who live and work in the region the opportunity of experiencing surroundings and environments which suit their lifestyle.

Indeed, as a large county, Hampshire can boast the delights of rural living in small communities all within touching distance of major commercial centres such as Basingstoke and Farnborough as well as modern cities Southampton and Portsmouth.

Indeed, Hampshire provides an elegant mix of the old and the new; a modern county with a tradition on cutting edge industry mixed into the old world heritage of the region that can date back to pre-historic times, through its importance in middle-ages England (Winchester was England’s capital city before London) and up into the twentieth century.

Add a magnificent coastline comprising a mix of traditional and modern seaside towns as well as easy links out to the Isle of Wight and just a short journey away from the beautiful and historic Jurassic Coast and you can see why so many businesses and workers opt for Hampshire as the ideal place to locate.

An Infrastructure that Works for Business

Whether land, sea or air, Hampshire is extremely well served by its transport links to the rest of the UK and beyond.

That you can be in London by road or railway within one hour is not only a boon to the Hampshire tourism trade but a major plus for a wide range of businesses and industries looking for prime locations as it gives easy access to one of the major urban economies in the world.

Its relatively close proximity to London of course offers opportunities to connect out to the wider world beyond. With easy access to the major airport hubs of Heathrow and Gatwick, as well as smaller airports within the county, Hampshire can offer businesses a location with a global reach while being away from the higher costs of locations within the M25.

Of course, the infrastructure of its transport and connections to the world are further bolstered through the long history of sea transportation from Portsmouth and Southampton. The large naval connection has long been a major part of the make-up of the Portsmouth community while offering connections to the continent from its ferry ports. Southampton has become one of, if not the, major dock for a booming cruise industry and its busy port adds another dimension to the global reach of the historic county.

Attracting a Wide Range of Industries

Hampshire has, over the years boasted a diversity in the businesses that it attracts; a fact that enables it to draw new companies into its fold. At The Tech Lounge, we're always surprised by the diversity of clients we provide IT support services to in the county.

It continues to have one of the busiest shipping ports in the UK at Southampton, in addition to a huge impact on tourism through the cruise ports. Yet, moving further inland and the county continues to have a large aeronautical impact around Farnborough.

Add to the fact that Hampshire has become a home for global names in technology, electronics and pharmaceuticals and you soon get the picture that, as a county, Hampshire continues to have a reputation for hosting a varied range of businesses which have played an important role in England’s post-recession recovery and which shows no sign of abating in the years ahead.

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