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How to ensure an office move goes smoothly

Mark Dalton - Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Much the same as it is when you move home, moving your business to a new premises is a project that can, and usually does, bring with it a range of challenges that you need to overcome. Challenges, in fact, which can all too often seem like mountains too big to climb, leading businesses who have clearly outgrown their existing location to limp on in their under-sized office or factory - intimated into inaction by the seeming size of the task. 

But it needn't be this way

Yes, of course, it's a major project when you move your business but there's really no reason that it should be an insurmountable issue as long as you ensure you have a procedure in place to ensure that all boxes are ticked (and packed and shipped correctly - naturally!). 

It doesn't matter if you're moving from Basingstoke to Southampton or to premises just around the corner, before you embark upon any move you need to put a plan of action together to cover off both the practical hurdles related to a move as well as those issues which could have the potential to impact on the business. 

These might include:

  • Being fully aware of the location to which you're moving. What implications will this new location have for your staff, potential costs attached to things such as transportation and carriage or even changes to the business rates you pay. From a technical, I.T. perspective - is the new location in an area with a robust enough communication link (4G and broadband connections for instance)
  • Having a project manager (or project lead team) in place. Having a dedicated project manager to take the lead in your move - ideally someone with experience or qualifications (Prince2 for example) in such events can inordinately improve the overall process and reduce the risk of things being missed through disorganisation. 
  • Keep Everyone Informed. As with all these practical points, there's a degree of pure common sense to this but worth pointing out. You need to ensure that your staff are all informed of how the move will work and, of course, your clients need to be kept in the picture about where you are moving, how it will impact them and how they can contact you - especially in the move period itself when systems might be down for a time. 

Ensuring your I.T. and Telecoms Survive the Move

As an I.T. support provider to businesses throughout Surrey, Berkshire and Hampshire we're more than aware of the high priority placed on ensuring that your system is able to be swiftly and easily re-launched when you move into your new premises. And, of course, that your equipment is well looked after and survives the move so that it can be fully functioning as soon as possible. 

It's imperative therefore that you work with professional I.T. specialists during your move so that you can have the peace of mind that your system can and will be re-installed into your new location with as seamless a transition as possible and with the absolute minimum level of impact on both your internal operations and the communications with your customer base. 

This might include ensuring you utilise the services of someone who can help:
  • De-Commission your equipment at the old premises
  • Help with a robust and accessible data storage facility
  • Safe transfer of hardware and equipment
  • Re-Commissioning equipment at new location. 
And then, of course, there is the need to have your new system set-up with adequate cabling and connection - ready and in place for the moment your new site goes live. 

After all, a move to a new home is an exciting time - a signal of your growth and your I.T. system should be there to help you shout this out to the world. 

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