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Increase your web sites ranking with this free SEO Tool

Mark Dalton - Monday, March 17, 2014

Here's a great tool to improve your SEO.

By Mark Dalton.

Every business should have a web site, but it's once you have a web site the work really starts. You need to get your web site in front of your potential customers.
To get your web site in front of customers you need to get it in the search results, and this is where it gets interesting. 
In the good old days this was quite a simply task but was open to abuse.
But search engines such as Google want to provide a good 'user experience' and as a result constantly tweak their algorithms to decide whether a web page is relevant and therefore on where it appears in a search. And there are plenty of statistics showing that being on Page 1 of Google has a significant impact in increasing traffic to your website.
Knowing the criteria and adapting your site and optimising it for search engines however has often been seen as a black art. That is until now.

Introducing SEO Tools.

SEO Tools is great collection of automated tools that allows you to scan your website and produce a report on its Search Engine Optimisation.
In simple terms it looks at the criteria the search engines have set out and checks your web site against them.
Knowing where your site it failing is the first step of in improving its ranking. SEO Tools is free so you can run a report as often as you like, but even better it tells you how to fix the problems it has detected.

You can run the full report or report on a specific area you are looking to improve and see the results almost immediately. You can email the report or download it as a PDF document for analysis later. 

Why not run a report today and see how your web site scores.

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