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Increase your Online Profile: 3 Social Media Apps for your Business

Geoff Roy - Sunday, September 21, 2014

Most of us these days are aware of the importance that a strong social media presence can be for the growth of our business. A powerful tool for promoting your brand, your products or services; for raising the profile of your business and for developing meaningful engagement with your client’s prospects.

The perennial problem, of course, is that developing effective social media campaigns can be a time consuming affair, potentially taking you away from other important aspects of your day to day work and ultimately having an effect on productivity, which, as we’ve discussed before, can negatively impact your bottom line.

So how do we overcome this issue?

Well, there are a number of online tools and apps that can help you formulate campaigns, curate your content and efficiently manage your social media presence whilst reducing the impact on overall productivity.

Let’s take a look at a few of the better ones, shall we?

1. HootSuite

One of the older social media apps out there, HootSuite offers a pretty quick and easy method of keeping all of your social medial feeds and campaigns updated via one straighforward location.

From its dashboard you can manage all of your social accounts including Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google + and Foursquare. It enables you to schedule tweets, posts and other updates across your social profiles so that you don’t have to constantly update each one manually and independent of the other. It takes a little bit of setting up but once it’s up and running it can be a valuable way of effectively maintaining your social media quickly and efficiently.

The app also comes with a pretty useful analytics tool offering you some insight into the levels of engagement you are receiving from your various posts and campaigns, allowing you to monitor what’s working and what’s not.

2. Pinterest

If a picture really is worth a thousand words then Pinterest is a social network you shouldn’t be ignoring and utilising their apps for Desktop and mobile is proving to be an ever more influential tool for engaging with audiences.

And whilst, in terms of user numbers, the network is still behind Facebook and Twitter, it is winning over these social behemoths when it comes to action from consumers looking for both goods and services. With its focus on image based content Pinterest is proving to be a powerful tool for companies looking to promote their brand and drive customers back to their sites.

Adding the ‘Pin It’ app to your desktop affords you a quick and easy way to post images to the network which can be linked back to your site, which can not only enhance your online profile but provide a gateway for potential new custom.

3. SocialBro

If you want to get serious about your social engagement then, as with all marketing endeavours, you need to monitor performance to get the best results.

SocialBro offers an excellent analyses and general marketing tool for those looking to get the most out of their Twitter accounts. Allowing you to track the posts of both potential clients and indeed your competition through the community monitoring software (analysing tweets and engagements on a given subject area) the App gives you some important insight into who you should be targeting in your tweets and indeed, when you should be tweeting.

With additional analysis available for your own account as well as the facility to launch targeted DM campaigns at your prospects then this can be a very useful tool in your overall online marketing strategies.


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