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Get more from Microsoft Outlook

Mark Dalton - Monday, March 31, 2014

Here are three handy Microsoft Outlook Tips.  

By Mark Dalton.

This week we would like share with you three useful tips that we hope will help you get more from Microsoft Outlook.
Microsoft Outlook 2013
Microsoft Outlook is a Personal Information Manager from Microsoft, available as part of the Microsoft Office Suite. The current version is Microsoft Outlook 2013.
Although often used mainly as an Email application, it also includes a calendar, task manager, contact manager, note taking, journal and web browsing.
Rename Old Emails
Quite often, the subject line of an email bears little resemblance to its contents, especially if it's part of a longer conversation. You can apply retrospective filling to important messages by renaming their subjects to make them easier to find.
Open the email in a new window and click in the subject line. Delete the old subject and type the new one in. Click "Yes" to confirm the change.
Using Quick Parts
If you find yourself typing the same text again and again, for example your company website or office address, Quick Parts is the solution you have been looking for.
Quick Parts allows you to save blocks of text for later use. To create a Quick Part create a new email and type the text you wish to use. Quick Parts can contain text, hyperlinks and images. Once your happy choose Insert | Quick Parts | Save Selection to the Quick Part Gallery. Provide a name, category amd description, and click "Ok".
Now when you wish to use this block of text choose Insert | Quick Parts and select it from the list. You'll see a preview of each Quick Part to make identification easier.
Tweet within Outlook
You don't need a dedicated Twitter application if have Microsoft Outlook thanks to a handy little plugin called Twinbox.
Twinbox adds a handy toolbar that allows you to read and posts tweets all without taking your eyes off the ball. Using Twinbox you can download all your tweets and store them in a folder and sort them by sender, keyword or hash-tag. Very handy if you need to refer to them later. URL shortening is also available courtesy of

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