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3 Apps to Improve Productivity in Your Business

Geoff Roy - Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Whatever your business, whatever your size, productivity plays a crucial role in your profitability.

As directors, partners, managers or owners we’re always on the hunt for anything that can make improvements; those little techniques, devices, gadgets or similar that can save important time or make the business run that bit more efficiently. 

And, in this ever more tech driven world, it probably comes as no surprise to learn that there are literally hundreds of Apps for our tablets, smartphones and other computer hardware that offer all kinds of wonderful ways to make those ever vital improvements to your productivity. 

We take a look at some of the more interesting currently on the market and available to download. 


Ok, so let’s start with one of the better known apps out there. Dropbox has been around for a few years now but continues to prove a really useful tool for businesses that are frequently ‘on-the-go’. 

Essentially Dropbox is a cloud based service for hosting, storing and sharing files and other data online. This means that any work or important data that you’ve completed in the office, for example, can be saved on your Dropbox account and can then be easily accessed from your tablet, smartphone or another laptop / PC without having to save, print or email. It’s an extremely efficient and useful tool for any modern business, making file and data sharing seamlessly quick and easy. 

With Free or monthly subscription packages available Dropbox can be tailored to meet the demands and size of your workload although this can make it a more costly option versus other cloud services available when you get into larger volumes. Nevertheless, this continues to be an effective, easy and swift solution to file sharing between people and locations. 


The ability to hold online meetings, conferencing and seminars is an ever expanding aspect of modern working life as they can dramatically help reduce both the cost and the time implications of travel, transport and other expense associated with more traditional meetings. 

GoToMeeting is an effective and pretty versatile app which allows you to hold online meetings, collaborative conferencing and webinars through PC & Mac and can be accessed through apps via tablet or smart phone. 

Providing the facility to combine sharing presentations and visuals through the monitor with the ability for full audio communication through mic and speakers GoToMeeting can be an excellent way to save time and money (and improve productivity and bottom line) by allowing a fully interactive experience for workers at varying remote (even global) locations. 


It’s one of those important but often extraordinarily mundane and time-consuming of tasks. I refer of course, to the claiming of your expenses. 

Ask any member of a sales or marketing team what eats into their productivity each month and they’ll almost unanimously tell you that it’s some form of ‘admin overkill,’ with expense claims being high on this list. 

Expensify is one of a number of similar apps for iPhone or Android which offers reasonably simple solutions for streamlining the process of expense reporting. Offering features such as scanning receipts directly into your phone, as well as the ability to record mileage and import credit and bank statements Expensify enables employees to easily keep an ongoing record of expenses and to report directly online at the end of any specified period. 

Of course, any time-saving for expense filling adds to the productivity of the claimants. Additionally however, one needs to look at the productivity improvements to those responsible for processing the reports. Again, apps such as Expensify can have a great effect on this through their ‘Bulk Processing’ and ‘Quick Reimbursment’ functions allowing for time-saving solutions to this side of the admin as well.

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